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Bush Beauty Brand Island Living and memories of both your grannies and mine

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About Us

Bush Beauty Brand is an ode to Caribbean Culture, Island Living and memories of both your grannies and mine. Their most popular remedies for almost everything were bush(teas) and local colloquialism(sayings/proverbs). You had a headache, there was a “bush” for that. A falling out with a friend, there was a “saying” for that. For a bad breakup, both remedies applied.
The BushBeauty Body Brand manifested after my daughter developed eczema as a baby, I was clueless on what to do. After finding out about the less than positive effects of prescription lotion the doctor to use on her, I was not pleased. I told myself, “I’m not putting that on my” baby bird”, there must be a better option. There must be some type of “bush” for that.” I did my research, experimented, blended and brewed until I got satisfactory results. Momma bird was pleased; she hasn’t had a breakout since. Word spread, friends and family wanted to know what I had used. My answer, “bush” of course.
So island people like myself can tell you that our grandmothers are full of wisdom and not just on bush tea. The Bush Beauty Accessories line was created to celebrate their wisdom and the culture they passed on to us. Because we all know, you could never go and visit your granny’s yard without her having an anecdote to tell, a parable or words to live by.
Ps. If your granny never rubbed you down when yah sick with some bay rum, then tell you to “mek out” while giving you bush tea to drink, then she never love you.

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