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Building a Beauty Empire

Building a Beauty Empire – how Shemmee Stevens discovered her calling

Shemmee Stevens is quite the personality. Getting to know her is an adventure in itself. She is the founder of the Bush Beauty Brand which operates out of New York, and is a dynamic blend of two cultures: an island girl transplanted, at a young age, from Antigua to NYC. The brand’s main products are the Eczema Therapy Cream, Whipped Body Butters in different fragrances, African Black Soap and Bentonite Clay. Stevens didn’t set out to own her own beauty brand, rather it was out of desperation that she found herself mixing up healthy skin care concussions in her kitchen. She says, “My daughter, a baby at the time was suffering from Eczema. After I realized that the cream the doctor was giving me thinned her skin and left her prone to skin cancer, I was so appalled it spurred my motivation to find a healthier alternative. Bush Beauty Body Brand was born.”


Shemmee Stevens

Although Shemmee struggled, grew and eventually blossomed in New York, her roots first flourished on Antiguan soil. She has never been one to run from hard work and has been nurturing an entrepreneurship spirt since a very young age. “I guess you can say that my first business was a Concierge. As a child I used to offer my services to everybody – neighbour, aunty, cousin, friend, but for a fee of course. “ Shemmee jokingly recounts her marketing strategy, “I had a pitch, ‘aunty if you give me a quarter I’ll do it for you’, ‘Miss Mary do you need anything from the shop today? I’ll run fast and get it for you!’. Sometimes I’d get yelled at, especially by my mother, she never paid me. I tried to get her to, but she said I couldn’t begin to pay her back her for giving me life.”. Read More